Atif Aslam Aadat Song Guitar Chords

Three chords r used in this wohle song.
C#m ,B and

C#m                               A
na janay kab say ..umeedein kuch baqi hain..
 C#m                             A                       C#m
mujhe phir bhi teri yaad..kyun aati hai janay kab say..
C#m                       B         A      B
door jitna bhi tum mujh say pass teray mein 
C#m                       B         A      B
ab to aadat si hai mujh ko aisay jeenay mein 
C#m           B         A         B
zindagi say koi shiqwa hi nahi hai 
C#m                 B           A          B
ab to zinda hoon mein is neelay aasman mein 

(same goes with chahat aisy hai yeh teri)
C#m                     A            B
sabhi yadein hain ......sabhi batein hain 
C#m                     A            B
bhula do unhein .....mita do uhein .....
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